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CC&A Strategic Media is now offering excellent business opportunities for Sales Consultants, Marketing Consultants, IT Companies, Traditional PR Companies, and others! CC&A serves clients in a range of diverse industries, from construction, health care, legal services, technology, professional services, non-profits, and more. We create, improve, and manage our clients’ marketing strategies and activities, focusing on delivering customized solutions that help them meet and exceed their individual goals. Learn more about our industry leading resellers program below.

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CC&A Reseller Program

CC&A is searching for companies who would like to add digital marketing services to their portfolio. The CC&A reselling program is a partnership where a company sells CC&A’s services and earns a reoccurring commissions while building their own business and brand. CC&A offers consulting, implementation, and support solutions, including:

• Marketing and Advertising Consulting
• Inbound Marketing Integration
• Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
• Social Media Management and Marketing
• Video Marketing and Production
• Custom Website Development and Graphic Design
• Content and Copy Writing

Why Use CC&A Digital Marketing?

CC&A can help your clients in all stages of their business. We provide marketing consultation along with services on marketing automation, freeing up time for your client to focus on other tasks. We also develop successful marketing analyses with the same techniques used to market our own services. Partnering with CC&A as a reseller, you gain an established, forward-facing team ready to help you and your clients meet goals.

CC&A offers a monthly commission for resellers as opposed to a one-time, lump sum commission. This subscription model for commission is a one of a kind benefit because it fosters a long-term relationship, and allows our resellers to build an exceptionally large book of business. If you sell one of CC&A’s industry leading products, you will receive a monthly commission for as long as the client is under contract— which is an average of 3 to 7 years. One sale that creates many years of commissions, and scales up very quickly.

The CC&A Reseller

If you have an existing customer base and want to offer marketing services that add immediate reoccurring revenue streams, CC&A’s reseller program is the best choice. The key to being a successful and profitable reseller is choosing a reliable partnership. CC&A already understands how to leverage technology to achieve sustainable growth.

If you have clients looking to overhaul their online marketing strategy or who need guidance creating a marketing strategy, or if you want to add outstanding digital marketing consultation and services to your product line, CC&A is ready to help. The experts at CC&A have a meticulous and nuanced process for monitoring marketing success, ensuring success over time. CC&A can create, monitor, and analyze a digital strategy that’s tailored to your clients’ unique businesses.

Benefits of Reselling CC&A Products

When your company sells CC&A products/services, you’re partnering with a company that, for nearly 20 years, has provided comprehensive and strategic marketing and advertising campaigns to generate business growth. When you partner with our agency, you can develop marketing service packages that increase your profit margins and keep clients satisfied without increasing your overhead.

Digital marketing changes on a daily basis, and when you work with CC&A, you and your client will get a team of specialists dedicated to success. Our mission is to discover and provide the best solutions paired with the best consultative services and support. If your client is looking to create an inbound marketing strategy, CC&A stays on top of new technological trends and marketing software and can help clients understand which strategy warrants investment for the best return.

CC&A can fill service gaps, extend your company’s marketing capabilities, and help your company and your client’s company thrive. If your company is looking for an immediate revenue stream, contact CC&A to learn more about our reselling program options.

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