Office Furniture Loft Case Study - Designing A Digital Experience

Office Furniture Loft

Designing A Digital Experience

The BEST way to make a change for the better growth of your company. Learn how redesigning your digital experience can IMPROVE your online presence and establish an online identity.

Download the Office Furniture Loft case study to find out how CC&A redesigned their online presence for a NEW and engaging digital experience.

Steve Taormino

OFL provided us with what became one of our favorite projects. We were tasked with creating a very progressive and modern web design while integrating it into an existing ecommerce platform. In addition, we created an SEO strategy based on empirical data, that drove business. Being able to provide a marketing service that offers proven measurable results is one if the many things that motivates us.

With CC&A’s partnership, Office Furniture Loft has succeeded in providing their customers with an appealing digital experience. LEARN how CC&A implemented their strategy with:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Content marketing via article creation
  • Social media audience engagement and social media article broadcasting
  • Increasing website views from 9,877 to 31,107. AN INCREASE OF 215%



Website Visits Increased By: 214.9%
Unique Visitors Increased By: 211.5%
Visits from Organic Search Increased By: 149.4%
Page Views Increased By: 173.7%
Visits from Social Media Increased By: 7,931%

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