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In the competitive world of business law, having an effective marketing strategy is more than just a necessity – it’s a game-changer. As professionals catering specifically to business lawyers and law firms, we understand the unique challenges you face and the solutions you need.

Understand Your Market Better

Your audience isn't the same as every other industry. We know that. With our deep understanding of the business law market and its trends, we help you get into the minds of your clients to better serve their needs.

Communicate Your Value Effectively

Your expertise is invaluable. But do your potential clients know that? We help you communicate your firm's unique value propositions in a way that resonates with your target market and sets you apart from your competition.

Maximize Your Reach

We don't just help you speak your clients' language, we make sure you're heard. With our tailored marketing strategies, we ensure your message reaches the right people, at the right time, and in the right way.

Increase Your Client Base

By effectively positioning your firm in the market, we help you attract more quality leads that translate into loyal clients. We turn your marketing investment into measurable growth for your firm.

Ready to elevate your firm's marketing strategy?

Take the first step towards transforming your firm's marketing approach. Request a consultation with our marketing and communication experts today and start the journey towards a more successful tomorrow.

The Ultimate SEO Transformation

Vehicles For Change

We’ve worked with CC&A for more than two years. They re-launched our website and handle all areas of our digital marketing, including SEO, social media marketing, and the training our staff. We’ve found them to be an invaluable partner.

Marty Schwartz

President & Founder


For more than a decade CC&A has provided their clients with comprehensive and strategic marketing and advertising campaigns for the purpose of generating business growth. We offer a wide range of strategy creation, technological integration, and implementation for all sized organizations.

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