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Vehicles For Change

The Ultimate Transformation

Are you eager to stand apart from your competition? Do you want a time-lasting solution for your marketing needs? Find out what it takes to develop a ground breaking marketing presence.

Download the Vehicles for Change case study to uncover the key to digital modernization.

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We’ve worked with CC&A for more than two years. They re-launched our website and handle all areas of our digital marketing, including SEO, social media marketing, and the training our staff. We’ve found them to be an invaluable partner.

Vehicles for Change saw remarkable results from their marketing efforts. CC&A boosted their visibility and audience engagement to a previously unavailable level.

  • Their website was reconstructed to include modern design characteristics and navigational technologies.
  • A content marketing strategy was implemented, delivering powerful messages that triggered national reach and high visibility.
  • Improved social media strategies for a strategic increase of engagement
  • Website views rocketed from 62,022 in 2014 to 199,538 in 2016. AN INCREASE OF 322%

Vehicles for Change supports families with financial hardships by helping them to achieve economic and personal freedom through car donations and automotive service training. A modern marketing strategy was tremendously important. Thanks to their new marketing campaign, they could reach families with an authentic and genuine approach.

Learn about the process behind their success and discover how they garnered real results with lasting benefits. This special case study includes:

  • An intelligent approach to the reconstruction of their website
  • Strong content development tactics
    • Monthly articles
    • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
    • Internal and external link optimizations
      • Third party press releases
  • A unique social media plan, commensurate with business needs



Website Visits Increased By: 321.7%
Unique Visitors Increased By: 323.4%
Visits from Organic Search Increased By: 466.3%
Page Views Increased By: 327.6%
Visits from Facebook Increased By: 547.2%

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