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Susan Manno

A trusted leader and advisor, leading TANDIUM Corporation to the status of one of the most "watched" companies in the PEO and ASO industry. My career experience and successes, not void of being faced with difficult challenges, positions our clients to focus on advancing the growth of their respective businesses, leaving administration and the business challenges to our "powerhouse" team. After 25 years, I continue to hold a passion to advise and provide guidance in Human Resources, Employment Law, Client Services and Corporate Operations.


Any business can find value in a PEO/ASO/HR and Payroll relationship. Our clients include many different types of businesses such as accounting firms, high-tech companies, small manufacturers, retail, auto service, engineering, home services, real estate, restaurants, banking and more. TANDIUM® offers robust web-based HR technologies and expertise in HR management, providing value to even the largest businesses. TANDIUM® can partner with companies that range from 5 to 500 or more employees.

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